Hello! )
It has been a while since I have taken orders, but I couldn’t resist taking this one and painted a pattern for the  Macaronshop - these guys are in St. Petersburg and they make delicious macaroons. :)
If you are interested in the process, welcome!
(you also can read that in Russian)
The goal is to make a new packaging for macaroons - sweet cakes made of almond flour. At first I’m studying the list of cakes’ flavors – there are so many of them and they are so different, that’s why I decided to stop my choice on the sweet fruit flavor, so that my pattern’s mood reflected the mood of the tea party. :)
Then I painted a sketch, as always without using a pencil – let the lines be crooked and askew, but it allowed me to relax and this way I shouldn’t think about correcting every line
It was not from the first try that I managed to paint my macaroon so that it didn’t look like a hamburger. Now let’s continue  drawing : ) 
Then I remembered that I had my new watercolor paper; and suddenly I realized that 3 hours have passed. :)
While I was in creation process, I began understanding that every element of the pattern  should have its own color, and it would be necessary to decide what to do with it when the vector drawing stage would begin (typically when the work includes more than 5 colors, I start panicking, thinking of how to combine them.)
 I composed a sketch of the pattern quickly to see what combined elements looked like; I showed the sketch to the guys from Macaroonshop, yes, I did show it to them as it looked. :)  
Now it's important for us to understand the nature of the pattern, to see if any elements should be removed or added. We decided to replace half of the coffee grains with pistachios and reduce the size of an unknown big fruit with a leaf and make it look like a mango. :)
Now I draw vector lines in Adobe Illustrator
And here comes my favorite part - working with color!
I began with trying to give each element its natural color - the lemon should be yellow, the coffee – coffee-colored, the leaves should be green, etc.
I looked through the colors, because I wanted to find something looking brighter and more cheerful. :)
I tried to reduce the number of colors and avoid the necessity of giving things their own colors
See how pattern works 
I tried to make a box - hi mock ups, but I wasn’t the professional in doing them and couldn’t avoid making seams at the joints, I couldn’t make it seamless the way it should look in print. )
Yes, and a box looked like a pizza one, but I couldn't restrain myself - turning pictures into objects always seems fascinating, even if the object still looks like a fake. )
Then I tried a logo sticker
And I continued looking trough the color palettes
And try out other boxes
Сhocolate palette
For the experiment I reduced the number of colors again
Then I tried it on the box
I showed all possible options to the guys and received approval, the job is done, cheers! :) 
I was curious about which option would be printed, and it turned out that they couldn't choose just one option, they decided to make patterns for each of the tree different-sized boxes.
Now it was a real holiday for me )
Now I’m looking forward to see how it’s going to be.  :)
UPD: here you go!: )
Thank you for  following, viewing and appreciation!
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